Why AY-Recruitment CIC

9 reasons to recruit with AY Recruitment CIC

  1. Belief and Passion

We realise the potential in our candidates because we believe in the accredited training and mentoring we provide to them via Acknowledging Youth CIC. We are very proud of the tracking records and achievements of Acknowledging Youth CIC and we are passionate about helping our candidates take the next step to get ahead in their life and careers.

  1. We know our candidates

AY Recruitment CIC goes beyond the usual CV analysis. We have the opportunity to get to know our candidates well, because we trained and mentored them. We know their history, strengths and aspirations.

  1. Fast response

Due to AY Recruitment CIC having access to personally trained and mentored candidates, our turnaround time is second to none and this makes our response time highly effective in suiting client’s demands.

  1. Corporate social responsibility partners

AY Recruitment CIC is more than an ordinary recruitment centre. It is your partner in the fulfilment of your corporate social responsibility policies. With AY Recruitment CIC, you can meet two targets in one go as you find the professional you need and enhanced profile as a socially responsible company. We understand your demand for trained professionals and we make sure you also have a reputational gain on the social responsibility side.

  1. Two-folded social responsibility

Companies who hire employees via AY Recruitment CIC can create a two-folded impact on the lives of young disadvantaged people. By employing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, companies are actively helping these people to fulfil their aspirations and increased quality of life. Companies allow AY Group to run as a sustainable non-profit enterprise and to continue investing in preparing young disadvantaged people to the workforce via Acknowledging Youth CIC.

  1. Much more than a job

Finding a good job is an important life goal for our candidates. Therefore, our candidates are not only very well trained but also highly motivated and willing to work hard to perform well and succeed.

  1. Ethics

Life has been difficult for our candidates and they deserve for their workplace to be a friendly and respectful environment. Our candidates know that AY Recruitment CIC only works with ethical employers, and so our candidates are more confident and ready to perform at their best.

  1. Keeping up after placement

Our candidates keep their connections with Acknowledging Youth CIC, and they continue to receive advice and guidance after they get a job. It is a very useful tool for their performance and development, and for minimizing any issues that could arise during employment.

  1. Payment by Results

We are fully committed to the performance of the candidates we place and we want you to be happy with your new employee. Therefore, we propose an innovative payment method for recruitment agencies. We base our remuneration on the achievements of mutually agreed performance targets. We discuss what you expect and you pay if and when you get the results you are looking for.