The Background

Acknowledging Youth (Co Number: 07912772) was was set up in 2012 as an employability service for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. AY developed its programme not only to prepare people for the job market, but to engage them in volunteering where they could make sense of the way people come together to achieve tasks and objectives.

During this time AY used three sites to operate, one in Tower Hamlets, one in Victoria and one in Hammersmith and Fulham. This gave our team the background and understanding to manage facilities often working co-productively alongside other community organisations.

Danny inspired the department heads from the DWP in Tower Hamlets (TH) and was awarded his first contract to deliver training and workshops for CV Writing to 200 young people from across TH. Danny established his working base in the Chrisp Street Exchange in the East India and Lansbury (EIL) ward of TH, he partnered with the Poplar Housing and Regeneration Community Association (HARCA), using their community centre to deliver the training. All of AY staff, volunteers, Youth Forum and consultation group are from the local community. Danny and his organisation are known to the local councillor, Member of Parliament and the businesses in the area, which have supported and contributed to the success of AY and AYR.  Danny is the face of his organisation and he is held in high regard by the residents of Chrisp Street Market and throughout the EIL ward. He is always being approached by residents for advice about theirs or their young adult’s job prospects or education matters.

Company Structure

The current vision builds on an evolution of activities delivered under the Acknowledging Youth, or AY banner. This is reflected in the incorporation of a number of companies over time.  There is currently no formal ownership relationship between the companies
Acknowledging Youth (Co Number: 07912772) was incorporated as a CIC on 17 January 2012.
This company remains available for activities focused on young people.
Another company ‘Acknowledging You CIC’ (Company number 08571056) was Incorporated on 17 June 2013 but has now been discontinued as no longer needed and struck off.
AY Group community services CIC (Co number 09734934) was first incorporated 16th August 2015 as AY Employment Services CIC. It’s name was changed to  AY Group Community Services CIC on 15th Nov 2018 to reflect it’s wider vision.