Our aim is to reinvigorate an unused building/centre into a new centre that young people and adults in Tower Hamlets will see as their Community Hub. We hope to build on our existing relationship with the Tower Hamlets community by connecting with local groups, schools and colleges.

We envisage the following activities running from AY CIC:

  Children: Parties, clubs, tuition, playgroups, Brownies Group, health and fitness activities.
  Elderly: Social, arts and crafts, health and exercise
  Local Residents: Meeting space, museum.
  Marque Events: Weeding, Social events Trade fairs.
  AY CIC’s Café: Tea, Coffee, healthy drinks sandwiches and cakes.
  AY CIC’s skills and abilities workshop’s, activities for young people who are NEETs
  Community celebrations.
  Community groups and Youth groups to hire facilities at affordable rates.
  For public meetings of local residents on various issues.
  A community hub for senior citizens, women and youth of local area.
  Promote and run activities that focus on the well-being for local residents.
  A place for local councilors, MP and other officials and leaders to meet local community.
  As a place where local residents meet each other socially.
  As a place housing local clubs and volunteer activities.
  As a place where local residents can hire out at affordable rates for social events and projects.
  A  place to where young people can talk openly about their lives and identify the right ways forward for attainment and achievement, being supported by AY CIC along the way.