Payment by results

  • Input: recruiting from a socially responsible recruitment service
  • Processes: candidates vetted by AY Group
  • Outputs: candidates coming from AY pass probation period / have a good feedback at the end of fixed term contract
  • Outcomes: companies spend less time and money training candidates; turnover reduced
  • Impact: disadvantaged people get a new opportunity in life and the recruitment sector becomes more socially responsible

Using this process to set the payment for the recruitment service, we could work on the following basis:

  1. Company contacts AY and informs about the position(s) available
  2. AY selects potential candidates from in-house database. If AY does not find appropriate candidates, AY can (re) train people. In this case, AY and the company will have to agree on timings.
  3. AY contacts potential candidates to discuss the position(s)
  4. AY sends CV and profile of interested candidates to company
    Note: Sending a profile matches the idea that AY knows its candidates
  5. Company confirms shortlist and agrees to interview
    Option: company understands that candidates could be hired without interview. In this case, jump to number 8
  6. AY prepares confirmed candidates for interview
  7. Company decides to hire candidates after successful interview
    First installment at communication of decision to hire – 10% 
  8. Before start date, AY and company agree performance review metrics (what the new employee is expected to achieve and until when) and date.The date of the review will depend on the type and length of the contract.
  9. AY arranges mentoring session with new employee before start date to explain company’s performance expectations and raise motivation and confidence
  10. Secondment installment on start date – 30%
  11. On the agreed date, company informs AY about the evaluation of the employee. The payment of the outstanding amount will depend on the achieved level of performance and there is space for a matrix for this too.
  12. Third and final installment on evaluation date – 60% or less depending on results achieved

Other topics to have in mind (and include in the financial model)

- Discount for large hires (many employees simultaneously)

- Discount for companies that provides work experience

- Open to discuss subscriptions for companies with high demand

- Possible packages with advertising as social responsible company

- Possible Free Trials