Complementary Services

Employee volunteering scheme

Your current employees train your future employees, and we can also work together to provide volunteering alternatives for your employees as mentors and coaches at Acknowledging Youth CIC. Read more...


We are your best option to meet your apprenticeship targets on the UK Government 2020 Vision for Apprenticeships. With our vast experience in training, coaching and mentoring young people at Acknowledging Youth CIC, we are a great source of high potential apprentices. We have also got permission to deliver apprentice training to companies.

Sector-Based Work Academy (SBWA)

If you have a demand for a workforce with a specific set of skills, we can develop Sector-Based Work Academies to intensively train and qualify groups of professionals with the right set of skills to sustain and grow your business. The SBWAs offer a tailored, flexible approach and benefit from our knowledge about local communities and Acknowledging Youth CIC database of professionals.