About AY Recruitment CIC

We are a pioneer socially responsible recruitment service that bridges the gap between ethical companies with strong corporate responsibility concerns and motivated, trained young professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

AY-Recruitment has been created as a result of research findings during our journey towards building and developing Acknowledging Youth CIC over the past 5 years. We have seen the news coverage about skills shortage and the difficulties companies face when recruiting their staff. They suggest that they cannot find skilled, trained professionals in a timely manner to fulfil their demands to clients. We hope to see an increase in the awareness of the benefits that corporate social responsibility brings to companies’ reputation and results.

AY Group aims to be the “one stop shop” place when you think of reducing unemployment among young people and adults. AY Group has an education entity – Acknowledging Youth CIC – and a recruitment entity – AY Recruitment CIC. Both entities work together to produce a high social and sustainable impact.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be London’s leading socially responsible recruitment agency and the preferred recruitment service provider for ethical companies with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the needs of companies with strong sense of corporate social responsibility for skilled, trained professionals and the aspirations of capable young people and adults coming from disadvantage backgrounds, and entering the job market following the completion of Acknowledging Youth CIC programmes.

We believe that by working with like-minded employers it is possible to put people at the heart of this ‘people sector’, and this is why we have contacted you to ask you for your support in helping  us to achieve this. By helping determined young people achieve job opportunities, volunteering placements and work experience, we will be able to help ignite your business and grow its potential.