About Acknowledging Youths CIC

We are a Community Interest Enterprise (CIC) founded on 2012 by Danny Barnes, a person in a mission to help as many people as possible.

We are focused on delivering high-quality professional training, coaching and mentoring programmes to young people and adults coming from disadvantage backgrounds.

When a young person comes to us, he/she might not be ready to go into a job. But we want them to get ready. So, we prepare them. We ask them what they want to achieve, work out what we can do for them, provide them with the appropriate tools and skills and support them through their entire journey to reach their goals.

Acknowledging Youth CIC is the education arm of AY Group –  the “one stop shop” place when you think of reducing unemployment among young people and adults. [Include link]

Acknowledging Youth CIC is now the talent provider for AY Recruitment CIC – the newly created recruitment arm of AY Group to provide socially responsible recruitment services and use profits to support Acknowledging Youth CIC in running sustainably.

Our vision is to be London’s leading community enterprise company focused on providing high quality professional education and self-development programmes to disadvantage young people and adults in London with the purpose of raising their aspirations and confidence to get employed and navigate the job market.

Our mission is to provide a complete range of programmes to help young people and adults in London getting trained, skilled, confident and motivated to get a job and perform well.

Our values are defined by the word TEND

T = teach mind, body and soul

E = educate

N = nurture talent, dreams, strengths and aspirations

D = develop and guide to succeed