Our response to COVID-19

Food banks across the UK, already working at maximum capacity, have struggled with food stocks as Covid-19 hit. Comparing the months of May 2019 and May 2020, independent food banks have seen a 177% increase in the number of emergency food parcels distributed. With unemployment on the rise, workers’ salaries depleting, and increasing amounts of people on furlough, many are struggling to afford the basic necessities they previously could afford. 

We, at AY Group, have recognised this and tried to react fast by setting up a food bank that delivers free food to those who need it the most: disadvantaged families, those unemployed or on low-income, and people with disabilities who may struggle to get to a shop.  We also supply a large number of food banks that deliver surplus food to their own local communities across London, and partner with local food providers in order to reach out to the largest amount of people.

The majority of people we have delivered to during the pandemic are elderly people and low income families. Shopping can be difficult for the elderly, inducing anxiety and stress if carried out by themselves. Our foodbank relieves this stress as we deliver straight to their doorstep, ensuring we follow all COVID safety procedures when doing so.  Additionally, we have visited several hospitals over the months, delivering packages of food and flowers to boost morale for busy NHS staff who may not have time to go to the shop. 

We are additionally ringing over 2650 elderly and vulnerable residents across the community. We provide them with help in case they need food and essentials supplies if they are isolated or if they have a health condition. We are also here to offer emotional support and want to help each other get through this difficult time. 


Self Isolating and need a hand?

Are you unable or concerned about leaving your home because of the Covid-19/Corona Virus? Self-isolating because you are high risk or suspect you may be ill? Do you need someone to run errands, deliver food or have a phone conversation to combat loneliness?

The AY Group and volunteers are organising food parcel deliveries for our vulnerable residents. We are offering this service throughout the UK. We are contacting elderly and vulnerable residents across the community. Please get in touch if you have concerns about a family member, friend or neighbour. WE ALL WANT TO HELP EACH GET THROUGH THIS DIFFICULT TIME. Also, get in touch if you want to VOLUNTEER with us.

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