AY Group Community Services CIC plans to acquire and successfully run a centre in the East India & Lansbury ward in Tower Hamlets. This idea has germinated out of the three areas in which we are helping disadvantaged people to break the cycle of poverty, improve their career aspirations and encourage them to participate in helping and changing their community for the better. As our business idea is currently in the development stage, we currently require funding for expenses as we move forward. This will put us in a great position to finally push forward with our idea and begin actively seeking larger premises. With this in mind, we wish to meet our goal of opening a community hub for the people of Tower Hamlets within the next two years.

The need for this service is evidenced by the belief within the community, that despite neighbouring the world’s number one financial banking and business centre, their community has not benefited from the success and wealth of these institutions. Our main aim is to change this by opening a new centre where we can build on our employability work for the youth and also provide facilities for people of all ages.

Our focus will be to enable young people to participate in the same arena as mature adults motivating them to succeed in life. This will be something in Tower Hamlets that the entire community will be proud of. AY Group Community Services CIC plans to offer a facility that provides social, educational, recreational and well-being activities in a safe and secure community environment. It will also promote community cohesion through dialogue and discussions at the centre where all groups from diverse backgrounds will be welcome. We aim to provide young people with a positive focus and ability to develop skills that will enable them to have equality in life alongside their London counterparts.

So far, we have envisioned the following activities running:

  • Children: parties, tuition, health and fitness activities, homework club
  • Elderly: social groups, arts and crafts and health, and fitness activities
  • Local residents: meeting space
  • Marquee Events: wedding parties, trade fairs
  • AYGCS  CIC  Café: tea, coffee, healthy drinks, sandwiches and cakes
  • AYGCS  CIC  skills and abilities workshops: where we will help our attendees develop their skills and find an ideal role that best suits their ability As the community hub will be AYG CS  CIC  biggest project to date, we will work alongside the existing members of our Youth Forum and actively seek advice/feedback from the local community in the form of surveys/questionnaires. This will help us to shape the activities and services that will be on offer alongside our employability work.

By conducting regular surveys in the area, we will ensure that people from the local community are fully aware of our intended plans and know how highly we value their input. Due to the pending closure of the community centre in EIL ward, we are full of confidence that people will take part as our business idea will provide an ideal long-term solution that will address the needs of the local community. We intend the planning project to last 12 months as this will give us substantial time to test the feasibility of the community hub and to ensure that we have a detailed business plan in place.