The AY Group Aim

The aim is to build a community-based company that fully engages local communities, identifying those who do not work and cannot find work and providing them with a process and support to achieve their employment goals and enable them to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

We aim to create a One-Stop-Shop which will:

• Seek out young people who are disadvantaged and vulnerable and listen to their stories.
• Work with the individual young person to identify the path they need to take and support them through a process of training and development which will enable them to get there.
• Provide practical learning experiences g. through volunteering and work placements.
• Provide practical support in the form of listening, helping beneficiaries write CVs, dress for work and supporting them with their job seeking.
• Support individuals through a mentoring process to develop confidence, focus and positive direction.
• Support young people into work by engaging employers.
• Provide follow up to ensure they are continuing to learn and develop.

Our vision

We look to bridge the gap between ethical companies with strong corporate responsibility concerns and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who, without positive direction will remain out of work and vulnerable to those who seek to disable a positive society.

   Delivered by Acknowledging Youths CIC

Care Certificate

There are two parts to the Care Certificate:
• Training
• Demonstrating competence at work

We're here to help you with the training bit - our high impact classroom training course can be delivered by our experts at your place of work OR you can attend at our premises.
Our 'Care Certificate Training Classroom Course' delivers the knowledge care workers, healthcare assistants and social care workers need to help them towards achieving the Care Certificate.
This means that once we have provided the training your employer still needs to see evidence that you can practice what you have learnt in the workplace.
You will be issued with a Care Certificate workbook on the day of training and you will record knowledge gained on the assessments pages.
This book can then be taken with you into the workplace for employers to sign off once this knowledge has been demonstrated.
Then your employer applies for your certificate.

First Aid Training


First Aid training gives you skills and knowledge needed to handle an emergency situation.
• Confidently deal with most common first aid emergencies including choking, heart attacks, shock, asthma, bleeding.
• Contain an emergency first aid situation until professional help arrives
• Use the contents of a workplace first aid kit.

This 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course is perfect if:
• You are responsible for the safe-keeping of others
• You are, or wish to be, your workplace first aid appointed person
• Recognised by The Health and Safety Executive

The Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work course is a basic first aid course ideal for those needing to provide first aid in the workplace, or who need to be the workplace first aid appointed person. Wherever you work and whatever you do our first aid courses will help you gain the skills and knowledge to help out in an emergency. The course covers essential lifesaving techniques such as CPR, resuscitation, dealing with bleeding, common emergencies such as asthma, epileptic seizures, and choking, as well as less critical problems which you might be faced with.

This 1-day course is suitable for both complete beginners without any prior knowledge, as well as people who have had previous first aid training yet wish to update their skills and gain this nationally recognised qualification.

Dress to Invest

AY Group Community Services CIC will continue to share its sixth year of helping disadvantaged people into employment through a formal programme of training, workshops and job placements.  We want to build on our holistic One-stop-Shop approach by providing work-wear and styling advice to our candidates, in preparation of making them work ready. For more informations, please speak to your work coach advisor.

Help us to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.
We need you to be involved as professional volunteer, experienced in ether styling, tailors or seamstresses to undertake alterations where needed.

Also, if you have new or good quality clothes or "end of season" items you can join our project and make a positive impact on the the life of disadvantaged young people. By donating good quality items of clothing we can provide work-wear to our candidates, in preparation for interview and making them work ready.