Our Achievements

AY Group has an excellent track record of success

We’ve been nomiated by Healthy Living Platform & Feed them all for the Queen’s award for voluntary service award.

17th March 2021

Since 2012,  AY Group has helped over 6000 people, including 800+ people who attended courses and workshops, 700 people who found voluntary or Work placements and over 600 people who are now in full-time employment. We work in Tower Hamlet, Hackney, Newham, Southwark, Hammersmith, Westminster.

June-2016 – Ongoing

Developing You Pearson Work skills, 80 Starts – 40 Attending 6-13 Weeks -13 into full-time employment.

November 2016- Ongoing

BENCAP-ESOL-ICT-Work skills 80 Starts-60 Attending 6-13 weeks 40 into full-time employment.

February-October 2016

On-Going-Work skills 80 starts -30 into work Big Lottery Fund: Free Workshops: Career Advice and Volunteering – Tower Hamlets and Westminster residents.

May 2016

Ongoing activity for young people aged 18+ Career advice: one-to-one interview and individual action plan, mentoring and progression, as well as career exploration Volunteering: workshops that captures, record and recognises the work Pathway Group: Acknowledging Youths CIC became a Pearson Edexcel centre – EU and UK students.

April 2016

Ongoing Student Loan Courses Level 3 & 4 courses for clients who are eligible for Student Loans.


• Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3

• Business Administration Level 3

• Customer Service Level 3

• Health & Social Care Level 3

• Early Years Level 3

• Management Level 3

• Certificate in Education and Training Level 4

• Certificate in Assessing Vocational Training Level 3

• Hospitality (various) Level 3

• Information Advice and Guidance 3/4

• Retail Level 3

DWP: ReCreate You – Hackney & Tower Hamlets residents

March – August 2016

Engage 50+ clients and provide back to work workshops and one-to-one support to enable them to become job-ready and find sustained employment. DWP: Work experience in Hackney.

October 2015 – April 2016

Objective: to add value to a young person’s CV to enable them to move into the labour market. AY Group & Big Lottery Fund: AY Recruitment CIC part of AY Group London residents.

June -2014

Launch of website www.ay-recruitment.com

To date, received over 250,000 visitors on the website and 20,000 CVs uploaded AY, DWP & LTEN: Engage to change – Newham residents.

Feb 2015 – August 2016

Objective: To support fifty (50) NEET young people 18-24 and 50+ engaged and started the program. 40 candidates from both target groups were placed into work and or voluntary placements and 27 into full-time employment DWP: Breaking Barriers -Tower Hamlets residents.

October 2014

Objective: To support 125 NEET young people. 96% of our candidates completed the first stage programme and were invited to progress into workbased volunteering. DWP: Targets achieved.

June – December 2014

In Tower Hamlets 40 candidates found employment as a result of our training and support. Big Lottery Fund: Eysiat an online Retail shop (new and second-hand products) run by the Tower Hamlets community.

May 2014 – ongoing

Goal: To provide opportunities for the community who wish to enter the retail and customer services industries, in terms of training programmes, work experience and short term employment roles Newlon Fusion: NEET programme – Hackney residents.

May 2014

ESF/SFA contract, currently taken on for a small charity working with 12 young people. We are supporting 16-19 year olds into the long term NEET 26 weeks programme DWP: Employability – Newham residents.

February – August 2014

Newham project 50 starts and 40 going into work and voluntary placements and 10 into employment, DWP: NEET – Southwark project

August 2013 – February 2014

Southwark project 30 starts, 12 into employment Big Lottery Fund: Music forever – Westminster residents

February 2013 – March 2014

Music forever song creation music course – 30 young people attended, DWP: Work to Success – Tower Hamlets residents

October 2013 – June 2014

18-24 years old – 60 started on the programme, 40 into employment and 20 into voluntary placements and work experience, DWP: The Enterprise Club – Tower Hamlets residents.

March – September 2013

18-24 years old – The Enterprise club project helped 40 people set up their own business, DWP: NEETS programme – Tower Hamlets residents.

January – July 2013

18-24 years old – Tower Hamlets One programme. Engaged with 160 NEETS aged 18-24, 60 started our program, course was delivered to 50 and 29 into work. Our target of 24 was achieved. Zurich Trust: Youth Forum programme – London residents.

January 2012 – Ongoing

18-24 years old – Youth Forum programme set up an online youth board to exchange ideas on issues affecting them that include unemployment, education and training. Engaged with over 100 young people. CDG: Work placement – London residents

May 2012

Worked with CDG on A Day One Support for young people London Trailblazer offering 13 week placements for young people. DWP: Employability workshops – London residents

October 2011 – April 2012

18-24 years old – delivered Employability workshops that included CV and job search to 200 young people in Westminster, Chelsea, Kensington, Hammersmith, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Southwark.